Thursday, February 21, 2008

Serial Planes - 3D Design

Here's something that I completed a couple weeks ago, it's a hand...made out of paper and core board...for my 3D Design class

Friday, February 08, 2008

Drawing II

Here are a couple of pieces that I've been working on in my Drawing II class.

(Charcoal and Conte; 18"x24")

This first one is an in-class still life that was completed over the span of a couple class periods.

As in all drawing classes, the main objective here was to duplicate reality, which is something that I struggle with because of my high reliance on line. Also, in my observational drawing, I have a tendency (as do most others) to "idealize" what I see, or to use the values that I "think" are present, and not the true values present in the still life. A lot of effort in this drawing was placed on determining the true values present. It took all of me not to include the black blacks and the white whites I thought existed, but this is a more accurate depiction of reality because of their absence. Most importantly, I really learned something with this drawing...

(Charcoal and Conte; 22"x33")

This one was a homework project, the assignment, a catapulting object. Obviously I choose my shoes, The main objective in this assignment was to draw an object transcending space showing several different views of the object. The goal was to show that we understand volume. The image is a little odd, I know, but I like how this piece came out.