Thursday, September 27, 2007

Drawing on a Pumpkin...

Sometimes, I get asked to do weird things...

Much like drawing on a pumpkin! This was for some lady who was putting together a Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly pumpkin statue thing for a school auction. I met her in a Starbucks on Roswell Road, where she wanted me to, on the spot, draw Gene Kelly on her foam pumpkin. This is not really the way I would have liked this to work, ideally I would have taken the pumpkin home, and draw it at home, and really thought about what I was doing. She knew I worked doing caricatures live, and frankly didn't see a difference between this, and drawing on a pumpkin. Against my better judgment, it was completed within an hour of sitting in this particular Starbucks. She stopped me several times, and consulted the gentlemen behind us sipping his $10 latte about certain aspects of the drawing, he must have thought we (she) were insane.

The sketch onto the pumpkin was completed in some kind of make-up (don't ask) and finished in Sharpie marker. Yea, as I'm sure a lot of artist know, sometime you encounter clients who have a certain idea, image in mind, and want it drawn exactly how they picture it. Luckily I realized this as soon as I met the lady (who was really nice by the way, she was just very particular) and attended to her needs as she voiced them. She seemed please with the results, and told me I did a wonderful job.

Any who, with all that said, this is my big eyed, (even though he has small squinty eyes) chinless Gene Kelly on a pumpkin.

I hope she was able to raise a fair amount of money for her school with this submission. It was definitely and interesting experience, and one I will not likely forget.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy Busy, but still having fun...

Most of these drawings were done quicker than I would have liked to have done them, were back to weekends at the park, and the slow periods have been few and far between. Thats a good thing in the "$$" Department, but bad because I have less opportunities to enjoy drawing the guests. But at the same time, sometimes I just enjoy drawing a "pretty picture" still capturing a likeness, but it doesn't have to be super exaggerated. Not that these are all the pretty...but yea, here are a few drawings from the past two weekends or so which I enjoyed enough to snap a quick picture of.

This couple wanted to be drawn "extreme" and I wish they didn't come right as the other artist went on break, with a HUGE the results was this, a drawing done probably right around the 10 minute mark.

Because of the Georgia sun, you can't see them, it's a shame, they were goofy lookin' alright!

College student from Iceland. He stood around the stand for like forty-five minutes after the drawing watching me draw...left, came back again to watch some more before coming to pick up his picture on the way out to the car. A little creepy... spending $40 - $50 to get in the park, and watching some guy draw for like an hour and a least he liked the drawing!

I don't think she liked this drawing, but he did and so did I.

I enjoyed drawing this couple, the girl was dancing to "Cotton Eyed Joe" and the guy was singing "Stand by Me." Okay, that's not why I enjoyed them....

I liked it better in black and white...

Another fun quicky, the guy had another great face, too bad we had a looong line...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Under Sink Clutter

This is my first homework assignment for Drawing I, we had to draw the area underneath our kitchen or bathroom sink, using only contour lines. This is underneath my bathroom sink, enjoy!

PS, I got a 98% A on this! :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

fun with Copic!

Here is just a quick, experimental Copic marker sketch from my sketch book...Just got a big pack of them and I am REALLY enjoying them!