Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photography I Final - Opposites.

For My photography final, we were assigned a project designed around the idea of opposites.  I decided to create a children's book and explore the possibilities of photographic illustration to bring two opposite worlds together.  

Black and White photography, color added with copic markers, enhanced further with a sharpie.  

Tonight's the big night, no telling what I’ll see

My friends having a sleepover, and the invited me! 

Some call it crazy, I call it fun,

An adventure for sure, Come on lets run!

Got into the car, and what do I see?

Our driver has feathers, I wanted to flee! 

I buckled up, got ready to go, 

Thought to myself this could be quite a show.

Into the house, to start a perfect night,

We were greeted by people of a miniature height.

Some out of this world, others ready to set sail,

Wherever they’re from they’ll tell quite  tale.

First on the list, seems harmless enough,

A friendly game of cards, this shouldn’t be tough.

In walks the dealer, seems fishy to begin,

Has his poker face on, “Antie up! Whose in?”

Then down to the basement, time for a show,

Oh look an open seat, there, in the front row! 

An interesting character, in the next seat,

His hair, thick, white and matted, he’s really quite neat. 

Down from the kitchen came quite a smell,

What’ cooking for dinner? I can’t quite tell.

Up the stairs we ran, He’s makin’ bacon I think!

Holy cow! Oh man, do I need a drink!

With dinner now ready, we circled around,

The foods on the table, with lots to be found. 

To our chagrin, a baboon took a seat,

Locked onto his food, and ate with his feet.

Dinner now over, I can’t believe what I’ve seen

Into the bathroom to try to get clean.

Rounded the corner, looked into the tub,

A Gator! A Shark! A Rub-a-dub-dub!

I’ll pass on the bath, I’ve seen the strangest now,

If it gets any weirder I’ll throw in the towel.

As I was brushing my teeth, I was tickled pink,

By who… or what was sharing the sink! 

It’s been quite a night, this group is quite unique,

I’d like to come back, sometime next week?

As I lay down to sleep, I started to see

That they are not that incredibly different from me.

They play games, they bathe, drink and eat,

The memories of this day will always be sweet! 



andrewQuintiliani said...

I don't know if this is heartwarming or slightly creepy... Lol, very good job. I love the marker outlines, the text is really nice too.

ramanjit said...

its so cool friend love them all!!!!

ChrisNeuenschwander said...