Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Drawing: Filleted Self Portrait

First portrait using charcoal, had fun with this one.  I'm not 100% satisfied, but you'll probably see some more experimenting with stuff like this in the future.  

In the mean time, I'm sure you've heard of the flooding in Atlanta by now, here are some pictures of Six Flags after the rain.  (Photo Credits: Phil Skinner, AJC)

Batman: The Ride(Black), Mind Bender(Green) and the Gotham City area under water
The Great American Scream Machine,(White) The Ninja(Red) and the Pavilion Areas under water. 


andrewQuintiliani said...

Even the pavilions?! That's gotta be at least 10 feet of water! Really like the 2face portrait, nice to see some new styles.

Kelton Hamm said...

I like the charcoal portrait, I still smell a hint of caricature in there though.

plus I had a feeling sixflags was gonna be swamped this weekend... though this isn't quite what I had in mind...


Pat Bollin said...

Do you know if you'll be going back to work this year?

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Thanks Guys!

Andrew - I'm really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, thanks for noticing.

Kelton - My drawing smells? Thanks... and oh yea, you're sketchbook was found floating in the cotton states area. It's actually better than before.

Pat - Actually they are pushing to open this weekend. Friday has been cancelled but that was a buyout. I'll get an update tomorrow about the chances of opening this weekend, all the water is out of the major walkways and they are letting personal back into the park for clean up. I hear Lickskillet is a mess. From what I've seen and heard, I honestly think it would be a mistake to open this weekend but what do I know? Were pushing forward to make the best of the remaining weeks of the year.

Pat Bollin said...

Good luck to you.