Saturday, December 12, 2009

Drawing III: Final Notebook

Here are a couple pages from my drawing III final, copying my notes into a notebook, worked on this all semester long, finished by filling 79 sketchbook pages with 243 differernt illustrations. I really enjoyed doing this, I feel I learned a lot from the process and I'm sure I'll use this sketchbook for years to come!


andrewQuintiliani said...

Holy crap, man! These are really nice, your cartoony style really makes the changes of plane much easier to understand, even on the hands. You should seriously consider putting out a "how to draw" book. One of those little paper backs, usually not very thick. Anatomy + characature? Just a thought.

Really nice work!

Kelton Hamm said...

I knew I heard someone's head getting bigger...

just kidding these are pretty cool... as I was scrolling I was like, holy crap.. did he scan ALL 79 pages!?