Monday, January 23, 2012


I know I've posted once or twice about printing t-shirts.  I've been printing relief prints on t-shirts for a better part of a year now, and don't believe I have ever shared the designs I have available.  I am going to soon open them up for online purchase but have to get my online-ness organized before that can happen.  Hopefully it will be soon!  For now I'm going to get all 22 designs I have currently up on the internets!

I am going to start off selling them for $25. (that includes shipping!!)  That price may increase slightly depending on future t-shirt prices, but only slightly.   All of the designs are hand carved and hand printed on very comfortable high quality shirts.  I wouldn't sell you anything I wouldn't wear myself!

If you can't wait until I get my web point of purchase set up, go ahead and email me, and I'll send you a paypal invoice.  Be sure to include what size shirt you are, and I'll email you back colors that I have!

And some examples of them actually printed on the shirts! 

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