Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A few lines in black and white

Black and white drawings are fun, and challenging to me because I know that I will not have the opportunity to clean anything up with color, The product is to be a raw, clean, and humorous drawing without the polish of the airbrush. Because of this I attack a black and white caricature differently (not a whole lot differently) than I would do a color caricature. I try to use as few lines as possible to portray the necessary information of a face to make it a recognizable likeness. These are a couple drawings that I was satisfied with...

But just because I was satisfied with it doesn't mean the customers were. This one was returned because "It didn't look like her" and I "didn't draw polka-dots on her bathing suit." Those were just two reasons among other things basically inferring that I didn't know how to draw. But like I said, I liked it, and thought I achieved a decent likeness on both of them, but what do I know?

Fun drawing, thought I captured more than a likeness, with some personality. They were a very animated mother daughter duo.

Nothing more than an interesting drawing, not 100% what I imagined when I started, but turned out interesting none the less.

I REALLY wish the little boy wasn't so short, he had a super interesting face, for a little kid at least. I liked the quality of this one, but I think I went a little thick on some of the lines...

Just a fun and interesting couple all around, what else can I say? I enjoyed drawing the bodies just as much as the faces in this one!

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