Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3D Design Portfolio

I do believe I've already posted the first project on here, but I'm not completly sure so I'll post it again just for the heck of it. But here are all three projects that I did in my 3D Design class this past semester. The first one is a hand made out of mat board and core board. It was completed as my Serial Planes project.

This second sculpture is made primarily out of wire, and tissue paper. The concept was a Zebra with its stripes unraveling.

This last project was quite interesting to say the least. We had to create a sculpture out of "found objects" and it had to have some sort of purpose behind it. I went the easy route (so I thought) and chose, "going green." Should be easy right? Recycled objects...combined together to make something huge (it had to be huge) and useless. Well I accomplished just that, I created some thing huge and useless, and at the end of the last meeting of this class, I destroyed it, which was quite therapeutic if you ask me. Well, here it is before I destroyed it...
This post should explain to you why I am not a sculpture major.

Don't worry, all pieces and parts were recycled afterwards....

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