Thursday, November 01, 2007

Prometheus, the Fire Bringer

This is the most recent example of work that I am doing in my 2-D design class @ KSU.
The assignment was to choose a myth or a folk tale and use that myth (in my case) to center an image around, using text to portray to story, or moreover, the "Deeper Meaning" of the story.

That "Deeper Meaning" thing is where I have difficulty.

I chose the Prometheus, Bringer of Fire myth to center my image around. For those not familiar with the myth, its about two brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, and their role in populating the Earth.

Here is a little Greek Language fun for those interested. Epimetheus was the Greek word for "hindsight" and Prometheus was the Greek word for "foresight"

Since Epimetheus lacked foresight, he assigned all the traits and abilities to all the animals of the world without saving one in particular for man, to make him unique. Prometheus, noticing this glaring error on his brothers behalf decided that the flame could be a unique attribute of man. Zeus disagreed. But as full of foresight as Prometheus was, he stole fire from the heavens and brought it down to Earth for man to utilize. And thats why we have fire... according to the Greeks at least.

Pretty straight forward, heres what I came up with...



Surrit said...

Awesome! Lots of detail, lots of work. You're lovin' those Copic markers, too, aren't ya? How big was this one?

Sanjay said...

These are all nice picture and this is my first comment Thank all .