Monday, December 10, 2007

Final 2D Design Project

Here is what kept me busy for about the last two weeks of the fall semester, our final 2d Design project. The assignment was a two part project centered around a social issue, I chose Childhood Obesity.

Part 1.) The Poster - Well, this image really doesn't describe what I did, because there was so much going on in this project. Everything was attached to a foam core board, and was "sticking out" somewhat. The fries can actually be removed from the fry carton, and some of the fries have information written on them. The McDonald's street sign move back and forth, in somewhat of a pendulum motion, and the Red Circle with the McDonald's logo on it rotates.

I used Copic Markers and Prismacolor colored pencils to draw and what not.

Part 2.) The Take Away - Fat Kid key chains, made out of Sculpy, painted with acrylics, and clothed in blue fabric. The box was made out of black foam core and matte board.

I wanted to make them out of the same stuff the make prosthetics out of, but I tried and failed. I thought it would be cool if when you flick their little fat kid stomachs that it would jiggle

Attached to the key ring was this tag. We had to provide information, and a URL for an opportunity to find out more on the social issue.

If interested, click here for more information on this growing problem

We were supposed to be somewhat concerned about the issue we chose, and I am!

...but it was mostly chosen because of the humor of the subject matter!


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dan said...

I love those fat kid key chains, if only they fit in your pocket!