Saturday, December 01, 2007

Working with the Figure

Well, some might be wondering what I've been up to for the past few weeks without a post, and here it is, for the most part. These figure drawings were completed in class (Drawing I), and all were done with a purpose to demonstrate some aspect of drawing. Hopefully I've successfully demonstrated whatever it was I was being asked to demonstrate...??

Contour (Charcoal)

Proportion and Scale (Charcoal)

Representing the Figure in relation to its Environment (Charcoal)

This assignment was simply the figure on buff paper, but I assigned myself to think of it as how the light is affecting the figure, so I paid a lot of (general) attention to lighting (Charcoal)

Contour and Cross Contour (Pen and Ink)

Contour and Cross Contour (Pen and Ink)

This is all in class stuff, outside of class has also been crazy. I've been working on two final projects, one being a self portrait (as soon as that's finished you will see it up here) and the other a poster to illustrate a social problem. I had fun with the latter, and will also post that in the coming week or so. Both are in the final stages, and have consumed most of my free time for the past two weeks or so.

So please, I know I have a long way to go, but let me know what you think of these figure drawings. They are quite boring, but we're working on the fundamentals. This post if very much a part of the learning process. Thanks!

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Great work! FUNNY!
btw: Andrew(the fiance) and I went to Amicalola State park--which is BEAUTIFUL .. FUCKING GORGEOUS by the way.. and we visited a town just north of you... Donelega... I believe is the spelling... also.. an awesome place.. so.. yeah! We were SO close to you!!! Next time we're up that way.. we'll have to bug you!!! How awesome!!! You're surrounded by such beautiful sights! How great!!!
Anywho.. had to tell you where the pics are from.... rock on man! And your stuff is awesome!