Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Self Portrait

For our final project in Drawing I, we had to do a self portrait, you know those "serious ones" I started three, and only finished one. The first two are drawings that I put about an hour into, size 24" x 36" and the last one is the one I came closer to finishing, but I would still make changes on it if I could.

The assignment was "you in your environment" So I figured I would just set up a couple mirrors on my drawing table, and draw what I saw, but I didn't like that once I got started...

I then decided I just wanted to draw myself, and my environment would be my background, but then decided that my proportions wouldn't be correct on this particular drawing, even though I think I came pretty close...
Then after two attempts in charcoal, I got bored kinda, and moved onto ink. If we chose to do it in ink, we had to use cross contour. You can see it if you look for them, and thats how I wanted it. Not perfect, but it will do... I hope.

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