Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ink Washing.

Well, after today my winter break is officially over, and here is my latest effort.  I know I said like a week ago the daily posts would stop, and well, they haven't they've just gone in a different direction... less "polished"  That happened for two reasons:

1) less time at my desk drawing.
2) a need for sketching rather than completing "finished" drawings.

With classes starting Thursday, now I will DEFINITELY have less time to draw.

But... good news!  I am taking 4 studio classes so I will have lots of "academic" art to share... 

Honestly, I am not completely satisfied with how this came out.  I was going for a stronger graphic look but this is what happened.  

Let me know what you think! 


The above image is a better representation of the original.  


Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem is that the background is just SO bold. I end up looking at it more that the drawing. I think it would of helped if you had gotten the eyes to pop (color wise) like in your marker drawing of House. But anyway experimenting is the only way to get better. Hope school goes well for you.

ramanjit said...

this is awesome!!!!!

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Thanks guys, Dan, actually in the original the BG isn't NEARLY that bright. I was lazy when taking the pic and used a flash. but the color is actually much more muted. and less of an aqua green, and more of a navy blue. I'll see if I can alter the image to get it closer to the original, and post that up here too. Then you can give your 2 cents again if you wish.

patbollin said...

This is much improved from previous attempts. The only crit I would offer is that his nose, although not huge, is large-ish. You gave him a pretty small nose that almost sinks into his face.


ClaraCharlotte said...

oh, what a great painting ! (came as a bit of a shock, because i watch Jeeves and wooster and am used to a much younger mr laurie :)

Linda said...

Instantly recognizable. I don't find the background intrusive at all.