Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Red Eyed Tree Frogs!

The Reptile Show was in town this weekend and I headed over there and picked me up a pair of Red Eyed Tree Frogs, the unofficial mascot of rain forests everywhere!  One Male (smaller one on top in the below picture), and One Female (Larger on on bottom).  They are SO awesome!  Beautiful creatures!  I couldn't be more pleased!  Just thought I'd share them with you.  

Male and Female together on my hand. One of the interesting things about these frogs is they are never 100% asleep.  Take a look at the females "closed" eyes and you'll notice she has transparent gold laced eye lids.  The "gold lace" is actually veins, and resembles the veins on a leaf, it acts as a sort of camouflage.  When they are sleeping, they can rest portions of their brains uniquely so they are always on alert for oncoming predators.  A must for such a bright, spectacular creature such as the Red Eyed Tree Frog. 

Male Red Eyed spotting a Cricket

Male Red Eyed scaling the back wall of the enclosure

Female Red Eyed using the computer.

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