Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Keeping Slightly Busy

     I learned of an exhibit right here in Atlanta a couple months ago that boasts a collection of several mummies with a somewhat unique history.  In 1999, The Michael C. Carlos Museum purchased a set of nine mummies from a museum in Niagara Falls. Among those mummies was Ramses I, he was returned to Egypt upon his discovery in 2003.  Recently I visited the Michael C. Carlos Museum to see the collection, and thought I'd share a few pictures of some of their collections; Greek and Roman, Asian, Sub-Saharan, and Egyptian.

Greek and Roman




The above display case was one of the most interesting displays in the entire museums,  They are actually mummified animal remains, consisting of two falcons(one on each of the two "platforms") , a lizard (the lower of the two small rectangle boxes), and even a kitten (in the bottom right hand corner)

Something else that ha been keeping me slightly busy is this.  I've been wanting to do a drawing of House for some while now, and I've been working on an ink wash work-up of him.  I'm not completely sure how I like it so far, but the "washy" look I think is fitting for the character, we'll see... I may have to abandon this idea and go with another medium. 

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